When choosing decorative hardware for your current project, consider adding artistic value to your carefully chosen cabinets and furnishings. Before this age of mass produced stampings and forgings, artisans who spent years perfecting their craft created unique and beautifully made cabinet hardware that expressed their creative energies.

Today, Atelier B uses the same hands-on techniques and old world methods to create original cast decorative hardware in our studio. We do not manufacture product; we create lasting decorative art. Founder Belinda Beaudoin designs and carves each original model out of metal by hand. They are then placed in molds and cast in a beautiful ultra fine pewter with silver in it. The raw castings are then put through numerous hand finishing processes to bring out their original beauty.

The result is decorative hardware that you can be proud of and the assurance that we care as much about the quality of your selections as you do.